One Woman Every Minute
One Woman Every Minute is a rape prevention manual written as a story. Precise, concise, and accessible to everyone, One Woman Every Minute was written by tenth degree black belt, Joseph Kelljchian. Based on his interviews with numerous rapists, combined with thirty years of teaching rape prevention, Master Kelljchian identifies the three types of rapists one is most likely to be confronted with in an assault situation. Emphasis is placed on techniques to avoid finding oneself in a potential rape, but should that likelihood occur, One Woman Every Minute provides illustrated self-defense techniques that can be used by everyone. This book is a must for anyone who would like to avoid the day that could forever change their life.

365 Days of the Warrior
Pursuing the way of the warrior is a noble endeavor and not limited to martial artists and soldiers. Anyone can incorporate the traits of the warrior into their life with effort and consistency. Here are 365 meditations, poems, and short stories offered to help you incorporate the way into daily life, along with journaling space to enable you to track your progress. Use 365 Days of the Warrior as a journal and a book of inspiration, keeping in mind the words of the Buddha, "Your work is to discover your work, and then with all your heart to give yourself to it."
Product Details
In this clear, easy to read guide, an unassuming, yet potentially lethal art form is made accessible to all. The author's vast knowledge of the subject and unusual ability to dissect and illustrate the mechanics of all chokes will keep the reader fascinated. The book contains forty-seven different self-defense techniques, and is illustrated with ninety-one photographs. From a simple hug to a sophisticated starvation of blood, Classical Chokes leaves no doubt that chokes are the supreme empty-hand self-defense system.