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Joseph Kelljchian
Master - U.S.A. Goju Karate
Joseph Kelljchian has been involved in many facets of the Karate world. Following years of profound training, he earned his shodan rank from master Joseph Hess of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Continuing his training through the years, he received his master's degree from Grandmaster Peter Urban. He has trained and taught throughout the United States as well as internationally, traveling to such places as Mexico, Nicaragua and Ecuador, South America. His reputation of being proficient in the use of oriental weapons is well founded, as is evidenced by his outstanding array of trophies that he has won over the years.
Because of his expertise with the nunchaku sticks, he has traveled throughout the United States to train and instruct different police departments in the use of this weapon. As adept as he is with the nunchaku sticks, his favorite weapon is the samurai sword. He is often called upon to perform a sword kata for martial arts demonstrations. His perfected sword cuts are incomparable, and a favorite to watch also.
Master Kelljchian also teaches and lectures on rape awareness. After years of research and personally interviewing dozens of convicted rapists and sex offenders, he co-authored a book entitled "Escape from Rape", and an accompanying film with the same name.
In addition to his regular karate classes, Master Kelljchian also conducts special advanced classes. He is certified with the school board of his community. When asked about his children's classes, he says "one uniqueness of karate is that it offers something to a child that cannot be bought. Through their young years of physical and mental fitness, they develop courtesy, humbleness, and most of all, confidence in what they do in themselves". He is a popular, as well as highly skilled instructor in Karate. His annual "American Bushido Open" tournament has been rated among the best, and his future plans relating to the martial arts are endless. Master Kelljchian has received many awards for his outstanding martial arts achievements. He has appeared in magazines, newspapers and on television for his accomplished techniques and fighting abilities. Besides being featured in several karate books, he is the author of the book, "Growing with Karate", and the co-author of " The Goju Handbook" and a martial arts weaponry book.
As Karate is his life, he is destined to live the way of the warrior forever.